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Australian Capital Territory

Public Drop-off Points


The Hub

141 Canberra Avenue Fyshwick

Monday-Saturday 10-2pm

 (Reduced hours during school holidays)



Lids4Kids Partners


In the Australian Capital Territory, our Lids4Kids Australia partners are PlastiScene created by local interior designer Candice Addicoat and PlasLink ACT whose members comprise engineering students from the Australian National University. Please visit our partner websites to view the exciting range of products being created by their passionate innovative designers out of small recyclable plastic. Be sure join them on social media to share your ideas on how your rescued plastic bottle lids can be repurposed.


BEFORE you donate your rescued lids please ensure that you have completed the following:

  • all of your lids are eligible (we accept milk/UHT, water and soft drink bottle lids only).

  • all milk lids have had their white foam seals removed (do this before washing).

  • all of your lids have been washed and dried before packaging in recycled bags or boxes.

  • all of your lids have been colour-sorted (only if your collection is over 5kg).

  • attached a signed Lids4Kids Collector Coversheet.


Other Recyclable Items

Here in Canberra, we also accept a range of other small recyclable items that can not go in your kerbside recycling bin. You can place all of these items together in a separate bag or box to your rescued plastic bottle lids or separate if you have a large quantity.

  • plastic bread tags

  • wine bottle aluminium screw caps

  • beer bottle steel screw top lids

  • glass bottle aluminium ring pulls

  • aluminium can ring pulls

  • glass jar steel screw top lids

  • plastic squeezy pouch yoghurt lids

  • wine bottle corks

  • plastic and foil medicine blister packs

  • small household batteries

  • old mobile phones

  • leftover plastic packing tape

  • leftover large garbage bags or large zippered storage bags


10c Bottles & Cans for Charity Fundraising

We also accept eligible 10c recyclable bottles and cans for the Return It Container Deposit Scheme. You can drop them in one of our Lids4Kids purple bins or take them directly to any Return It and use our drop-off code Lids4Kids 0493214482 / E031035.


Australian Capital Territory

Please join us on Facebook at Lids4Kids - ACT Region

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