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Many passionate volunteers from all around Australia have joined Lids4Kids in rescuing used plastic bottle lids. Lids4Kids is a 100% volunteer organisation that operates in towns and regions where we have passionate volunteers to co-ordinate, contribute and process lids.

Currently not all states and territories in Australia have the processing facilities to take Lids4Kids lids nor volunteers to run those states. Through our volunteers we endeavour to find homes for the lids with schools, community groups and small recycled plastic manufacturers.

Currently we have collection programs running in:

These states are trying to reopen or not operating and need volunteers:

If you would like to collect lids please get in contact with coordinator in your state to ensure your lids are able to be accepted. It is the responsibility of collectors to ensure lids are CLEAN, DRY, COLOUR SORTED and DELIVERED,

Find Your State: Get Involved
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