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Many Australian schools are becoming more environmentally responsible and looking for sustainable alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint and their single use plastic consumption. Some schools are phasing out single-use plastics such as drinking straws and takeaway cutlery. Some are also choosing to stock refrigerated beverages in glass bottles with metal lids rather than plastic (PET) bottles with plastic lids. Some schools have even banned the sale of bottled water and sugary soft drinks altogether encouraging students to stick to healthy drinks and tap water instead. And some schools are looking for guidance on how to start becoming more environmentally responsibility.

Our Plastic Solution

To help Australian families to become more environmentally responsible, we're introducing the Lids4Kids Schools Program. 

Our program aims to empower students to become local Lids4Kids Legends by:

  • preventing bottle lids from going to landfill

  • inspiring behavioural change, increasing awareness and encouraging recycling among their fellow students, teachers and local communities

  • volunteering to become a Lids4Kids Public Collection Point to accept washed plastic bottle lids from their students, families, staff and local community (optional)

  • delivering their collection of colour-sorted lids to their local Lids4Kids Drop-Off Point for recycling

Benefits for Schools

Our Lids4Kids Schools Program aims to deliver many tangible and intangible benefits to school members including helping them to:

  • reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfill

  • become an agent of change for your local community in promoting reusing and recycling plastic products

  • inspire their students and local community to do the right thing and reduce the amount of plastic dumped in our environment 

  • increase information web traffic to your school website and social media pages on how to rescue plastic lids for recycling

  • receive recognition on our website as a Lids4Kids School

Your Commitment to our Environment

At Lids4Kids Australia, we understand that schools can be very busy places, often with time-poor teachers and principals. However, we believe that recycling to protect our environment is a worthwhile cause and are keen encourage and inspire students, teachers and principals to volunteer to help reduce plastic waste. We are encouraging school principals to register as a Lids4Kids School and pledge the following commitment to protect our environment:

  • re-use a plastic container to collect your used plastic bottle lids for recycling

  • rescue all recyclable materials you use from ending up in landfill, and send them off for recycling

  • rescue plastic bread tags, metal lids and batteries (if accepted in your Lids4Kids region)

  • retain non-recyclable plastic lids to be used in art, craft or large wall mural projects

  • ensure all plastic lids collected from families are washed, dried and sorted before they are passed onto Lids4Kids

  • use recycled plastic bags, cardboard boxes or plastic tubs to store and sort your plastic bottle lids by type and colours 

  • recruit a volunteer parent to drop off your lids to your Lids4Kids Town Coordinator

  • display your Lids4Kids School Certificate at your school to inspire students to bring in their used plastic lids for recycling

  • consider making a school/P&C donation to help Lids4Kids turn your recycled lids into new products

  • consider becoming a Lids4Kids sponsor to help us purchase more plastic recycling equipment

  • download our Lids4Kids FAQs, flyers, factsheets and tips to see how else you can get involved

  • share updates on your Lids4Kids plastic lid recycling journey in your school newsletter and website 

  • consider encouraging other zero plastic initiatives like banning plastic straws and plastic cutlery in your school

  • consider selling beverages in glass bottles with metal lids instead of plastic bottles in your school canteen

  • consider setting-up a recycled plastic workshop in your school with related activities incorporated into school lesson plans and into after-school activities

If you would like to start collecting lids......

Click here to see our short YouTube video from Franklin Primary School.

If you would like some inspiration check out our Gallery. It shows some wonderful mosaics kids have made and some of the inventive collection and sorting set ups.

1. Join your local Lids4Kids Group to see if there is a local collection point operating in your area:

(Please Do Not create your own local group)

2. Print the Lids4Kids Flyer & Eligible Lids List and stick them on an old bucket or box. This option is more environmentally sustainable than buying a brand new plastic bucket.

3. Once you've set up your collection container take a pic with your family, team or community group and share it on your Facebook page, Lids4Kids Group and your local community pages to let everyone know what you are doing.

4. Ask your friends, family, workplace colleagues, local cafes, schools or sports clubs to collect their plastic bottle lids for you.

5. WASH, DRY and COLOUR SORT all lids you collect. Please remember that Lids4Kids can only use the following plastic bottle lids:

○ milk/UHT bottle lids

○ water bottle lids

○ soft-drink bottle lids

7. When your box is full, ask a volunteer arrange delivery of your lids to your local colleciton point.

8. Share lots of progress pics and #LidsSelfies on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) using #Lids4Kids

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