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Our Lids4Kids Australia volunteers rescue plastic lids that would otherwise
go to landfill and our waterways, pollute our environment and harm our

Our Lids4Kids Australia volunteers collect clean eligible plastic lids (from
milk, water, juice and soft drink bottles), from their home, school, workplace and community groups then deliver their boxes of washed, dried and colour-sorted eligible lids to a local public collection point.

After being processed Lids4Kids Australia coordinators arrange for the delivery of this shredded rescued plastic to recycled plastic workshops to be made into sustainable recycled plastic products. Which is benefiting our environment. 

Before you start you need to know:

1. Which types of plastic lids can you provide to Lids4Kids for recycling
2. You need to remove inserts, wash and dry all rescued lids
3. Identify your nearest Lids4Kids drop-off spot where you can deliver your clean lids (join your regional/state Lids4Kids Facebook group to find the nearest local volunteer Town Co-ordinator)
4. How you, your school, community group, aged care centre or Mens Shed can volunteer to help with sorting (by colour and type), shredding, boxing, warehousing and transporting recycled plastic for recycling by local and community plastics manufacturers and artists (contact your local volunteer Town Co-ordinator).

If there isn’t a local volunteer Regional or Town Coordinator near you, we’d love you to volunteer for the role to support assist your local community to rescue plastic from landfill for recycling. Or why not If you do not wish to volunteer yourself, try contacting your local council, local cafes or community groups such as Scouts, Rotary, Lions, Men’s Shed, CWA etc to see if they might be interested in coordinating local plastic bottle lid collection. It all starts with one passionate volunteer.

These volunteers offer to collect their plastic bottle lids from their home, school, workplace or community group (that isn't publicly listed) then deliver their washed eligible lids to a local ‘public’ collection point. (They can also help establish new collection points).

These volunteers offer their workplaces, schools and or community groups as publicly listed collection points for their town or suburb, then periodically deliver their washed and dried eligible lids to a  location nominated by their local town coordinator.

These volunteers help recruit and advise new public collection points. They offer their workplaces, schools and community groups as a local drop off points as a public collection points in their town. Lids4Kids Town Coordinators wash (any unwashed lids), sort and count lids by individual colour and plastic type. They organise a volunteer (who is going that way anyway) to drop their lids to their local Lids4Kids Regional Coordinator. If their Regional Coordinator is too far away, lids can be delivered to the closest town coordinator. Town Coordinators can also ask a local charity organisation to process and/or deliver the lids on their behalf.

These volunteers offer their workplaces, schools and community groups as a regional drop off points for ALL of the Town Coordinators in their Region then deliver their washed eligible lids a local charity organisation. (They can also help recruit and advise new Collection Points and Town Coordinators).

If you would like to see more of what is happening in your Region and connect with other Lids4Kids volunteers join you local Lids4Kids Facebook group.

If you would like to see more of what is happening in your region and connect with other Lids4Kids volunteers join your local group.

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