Lids4Kids Australia

Aussies love their coffee and Aussie kids love their cereal. Every day, millions of cups of coffee and bowls of cereal are consumed in homes and cafes nationwide. That's a lot of milk from a lot of milk bottles with a lot of plastic lids going straight to landfill! Many Australians also drink a lot of bottled water and soft drinks that all come with plastic lids.

The CleanAway recycling centre in Sydney processes over four million containers per day (and that’s just those bottles and cans that have been returned for the 10c refund via the NSW Return & Earn container deposit scheme). Think about all the plastic bottle lids from all the bottles that aren’t cashed in and all of the bottles and lids that aren’t even recycled. 

Lids4Kids Australia is a national volunteer organisation that rescues used plastic lids from going to landfill and provides them to schools, community groups and small businesses to turn into meaningful recycled products.

Lids4Kids was founded in May 2019 by Tim Miller, a Canberra-based full-time house Dad with three boys. Lids4Kids was born once Tim discovered that the plastic bottle lids could not be recycled at his local recycling centre and he wanted to prevent them from going to landfill.