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Tim Miller, Lids4Kids Founder, announces new CEO, CFO and COO


Lids4Kids rescues plastic bottle lids from landfill and recycles them to protect our environment for future generations and wildlife.

Lids4Kids Australia

Our vision is a world where all plastic bottle lids are recycled.

Our aim is that LIds4Kids, a collective group of volunteers that advocates and facilitates the recycling of small plastic bottle lids into sustainable products.

We will achieve this by:

  • educating, inspiring and empowering schools, industry, government and the community to rescue and recycle;

  • supply small plastic to commercial and artisan recyclers to repurpose into new and useful items;

  • creating partnerships and collaborations with community, industry, environment, government, and education groups to create a sustainable business model; and

  • encouraging flexibility to encourage regional co-ordinators and volunteers to undertake other sustainability projects.

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