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  • What do I do with the lids I have collected and where can I take them?
    Great work on collecting your lids! We currently have several locations in each state and region - please visit our map here to find your nearest drop off location. Be sure to make note of opening times before dropping off your lids. Please also note that these locations may change from time to time, so we recommend checking back frequently.
  • What type of lids do you accept?
    We accept lids from water bottles, soft drink bottles and milk bottles, however please remove any inserts. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept: Dirty or wet lids Lids with inserts Multi-coloured lids Spice/medicine/spread jar lids Lids larger than a credit card (eg. Vegemite or peanut butter lids) or smaller than a 10 cent piece (eg. sushi fish)
  • Do I need to clean the lids?
    Yes please! We are unable to accept dirty or wet lids. To prepare your lids for drop off, please follow the following steps: Remove any inserts inside the lids Wash the lids with warm soapy water Dry the lids completely Sort the lids by colour (for quantities over 3kg)
  • What happens to the lids you receive?
    Great question, our process is as follows: Public drop off - clean lids are dropped off by the public to one of our official Drop Off Locations. Colour sorting - volunteers sort the lids into 17 different colours and remove any contaminants. Polymer sorting - lids are sorted by polymer (plastic type). We use types 2, 4 and 5 which are non-toxic for step 5. This is done 3 times for purity. Shredding - lids are shredded into small flakes. This raw material (shred) can now be recycled. New products are made - the shred is melted and shaped into 100% recycled and recyclable items by volunteers or businesses!
  • Do you offer a pick up service for lids?
    Sorry, we do not currently offer a pick up service, however we are exploring the possibility of a mail-in service for our paid members.
  • How do I become a volunteer for Lids4Kids and how can I help?
    Our amazing volunteers are the heart of our organisation and we are always happy to welcome more! As a Lids4Kids volunteer, you can assist us with the following: Sorting and preparing lids for recycling Promoting our organisation and mission to your local community Helping with fundraising and outreach activities Assisting with event planning and coordination To express your interest in becoming a volunteer, please sign up to become a member here and our team will provide you with further information.
  • How do I become a member / drop off location?
    We are thrilled to hear that you would like to support our cause and help us make a positive impact in the world! To become a member and register a drop off location for lids, please sign up here. A member of our team will send you further information to start the onboarding process and how to get set up as a member. This will include access to a short information session hosted by our CEO, Emma, as part of our regular training and communications program.
  • Why do I need to pay to volunteer?
    We hear you and want to address our intent behind a paid membership structure - it isn't designed as a payment to volunteer, but rather intended to support the administrative and operational aspects of our organisation that will allow us to continue offering our services to the community. We are currently exploring some exciting new offerings, such as a door-to-door lid collection service - your donation would be a huge help in the roll out of this. Lastly, we are looking to insure all of our members in the unfortunate event of an accident while volunteering for Lids4Kids and the cost of your membership would contribute to the cost of this. We understand that not all our volunteers are in a position to contribute financially and do not want to place additional burdens on those who generously donate their time and energy. We would be more than happy for you to remain a private collector, which will not require a paid membership. You will continue to receive our newsletters and communications as we are committed to ensuring that all our volunteers are well informed and have the necessary knowledge to carry out their activities effectively. The key advantage of membership would be additional benefits, such as priority access to certain resources, early information about new initiatives, and exclusive member-focused events. However, we appreciate that not everyone is looking for this level of engagement.
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