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Lids4Kids Partners

In Victoria, our Lids4Kids Australia partners are the Rethink Recycling Coop and Zero Plastics Australia created by scientist Adzie Slater. Please visit our partner websites to view the exciting range of products being created by their passionate innovative designers out of small recyclable plastic. Be sure join them on social media to share your ideas on how your rescued plastic bottle lids can be repurposed.

BEFORE you donate your rescued lids

Please ensure that you have completed the following:

  • all of your lids are eligible (we accept milk/UHT, water and soft drink bottle lids only).

  • all milk lids have had their white foam seals removed (do this before washing).

  • all of your lids have been washed and dried before packaging in recycled bags or boxes.

  • all of your lids have been colour-sorted (only if your collection is over 5kg).

  • attached a signed Lids4Kids Collector Coversheet.

Western Victoria

Please join us on Facebook at Lids4Kids Western Victoria

Eastern Victoria

Please join us on Facebook at Lids4Kids - Eastern Victoria

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