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Our Plastic Problem

Aussies love their coffee. Every day, Australians purchase millions of cups of coffee from tens of thousands of cafes, restaurants, hotels and clubs nationwide. That's a lot of milk from a lot of milk bottles with a lot of plastic lids going straight to landfill! Because most small plastic lids aren't being recycled.

The good news is that many local cafes and hospitality businesses are becoming more environmentally responsible and looking for sustainable alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint and their single use plastic consumption.

Our Plastic Solution - the Lids4Kids Cafe Program

To help some of Australia's largest consumers of plastic bottle lids to become more environmentally responsible, we introduced the Lids4Kids Cafe Program. 

Our program aims to empower cafes to become local Lids4Kids Legends by:

  • preventing each and every one of their plastic milk, water, soft drink bottle lids from going to landfill

  • inspiring behavioural change, increasing awareness and encouraging active recycling among their staff, customers and local community

  • volunteering your cafe to become a Lids4Kids Public Collection Point and accept WASHED and DRY plastic bottle lids from their customers and local community

  • delivering their collection of colour-sorted lids to their local Lids4Kids Drop-Off Point or organising for your local Lids4Kids Town Coordinator to regularly collect your lids for recycling.

Benefits for Cafes

Our Lids4Kids Cafe Program aims to deliver tangible and intangible benefits to members including helping them to:

  • reduce small plastic lids going to landfill

  • become an agent of change by encouraging plastic recycling in their local community

  • inspiring customers and the local community to do the right thing to protect our precious environment 

  • increase web traffic to your Facebook page, Webpage and Instragram

  • increase foot traffic and new customers to their cafe when local collectors drop off their plastic lids for recycling

  • receive recognition on our Lids4Kids website as a Lids4Kids Cafe

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