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Partners & Major Sponsors

(in alphabetical order)


Defy Designs

Sydney’s all-in-one plastic recycling and manufacturing company.

Defy Designs are turning Lids4Kids plastics into modern and exciting closed loop products.



Edgars Insurance Brokers

Tailored Insurance to help protect your family

Best Possible,
Best Practice
We are always on hand to help with expert market analysis, technical advice and claims support. Our clients also enjoy access to both local and international markets.



Ocean Crusaders

Ocean Crusaders are on a mission to keep our oceans clean.

Marine Debris levels in our oceans are increasing rapidly and the only real way to effectively stop it is to collect it before it gets out there.



Precious Plastics Melbourne

Finding creative ways to create a second life for plastics

At PPM, we're working to make recycling highly accessible at a community level. The core focus areas of our mission include:
• Recycling traditionally hard-to-recycle plastics
• Utilising 100% recycled materials (no added virgin materials or binding agents) to ensure recyclability at end-of-life
• Helping organisations reduce their reliance on virgin materials through the production of functional recycled products
• Providing responsible, local manufacturing solutions, and
• Empowering the community to recycle plastic themselves, through facilitating the set-up of micro-recycling workspaces



rethink recycling co-op

Rethink Recycling Co-op exists for the planet and acknowledges the generations of the past, present, and future.

We are co-op of businesses and individuals driving the development of ‘waste’ plastic remanufacturing and inspiring change through community education. We pride ourselves on increasing awareness and local community ownership of our plastic ‘waste’, rescuing bottle lids and other hard-to-recycle small plastics from landfill.




Skills Communication Education Networks and Environment

install a system of community improvement,
enrichment and engagement

accessible to everyone
achievable by anyone
affordable for all incomes


shed 3.webp

Shed 3

Supporting Communities

Lids4Kids Queensland are currently collecting lids from all across Queensland for the purpose of upcycling them into new products. Here at Shed 3 we have set up a micro factory and currently have a plastic granulator and extruder to shred and melt the plastic and coming soon is a sheet press so that we can make plastic sheeting. We are working with various stakeholders and Government departments to access funding and other support to develop this project.



SOEL (Southern Ocean Environmental Link)

Southern Ocean Environmental Link (SOEL) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in Queenscliff, Victoria. We work alongside Eco-tourism operators and universities to facilitate marine research, conservation, and education to improve the health of The Great Southern Reef.


We are excited to be working alongside Lids4Kids Australia to deliver hands-on Plastic Recycling Workshops.


SOELS Plastic Recycling program introduces students to a hands-on learning experience where they can investigate, explore, and connect with real world issues.


Using purpose-built machinery, students will be immersed in a variety of sensory learning to transform recovered LDPE Plastic into a useable item for their keeping e.g. Pen. Along the way, students will be engaged to understand how their decisions make an impact on the environment, and how they can make a difference.


Workshops are hosted as either incursions or excursions to the Sea All Sustainability Centre in Queenscliff. Schools have the option for a custom mould incursion to complement our pre-existing Plastic Recycling Workshop.


Workshops are hosted by our experience team of educators, who have carefully curated the workshop to support the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) and Victorian F-12 Curriculum Outcomes through STEAM learning.


Workshops available to Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions.


For more information, please visit our website or email




Turning bread tags and styro products into sustainable recycled products.

Transmutation will provide a sustainable small retail business outlet that educates customers to the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle by only selling and manufacturing items that are made from recycled materials, have been repurposed or are items that dramatically reduce landfill.



Zero Plastics Australia

100% Recycled Products handmade in Ballart

"We love being an Australian manufacturer and the more ideas we bring to life the more recycled plastic we save from our landfills and Oceans!"

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